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Monroe Country Committeemen

The mission of the Monroe County Republican Central Committee is to help elect Republicans to represent Monroe County in the state legislature, to help elect Republicans to all County offices, and to promote Republican candidates at all levels.

Monroe County is divided into 37 precincts. A Precinct is the smallest political unit in the country. A precinct cannot be divided by legislative, congressional or supervisor district. A Committeeman is a representative of the Party in the precinct in which he or she resides. 

Committeemen are elected to two year terms in the spring election term. Precinct committeemen serve to form the grassroots of the Republican Party and serve to organize local support & reflect the principles of their constituents.

The Central Committee is the official, local arm of the Illinois Republican Party. Every two years the committee members convene to elect executive officers to lead the party; selecting a chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer, and secretary. The Monroe County Central Committee works to recruit & support candidates for election, register & inform voters, & support public policy and elected officials that reflect the Republican Party’s commitment to the people of our great county, state, & nation. We are all volunteers, we have no paid staff.

This is an exciting time for the republican party, filled with unprecedented opportunity and unequaled enthusiasm. Republicans around the state are rallying together to celebrate our common values of economic prosperity, cutting taxes, and cutting government waste. We look forward to working with you to restore America's principles and renew America's promise.